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BLUEcloud Analytics Outage

An unscheduled outage for BLUEcloud Analytics is being worked on. Restoration of service is anticipated no earlier than noon AEST (Melbourne).

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 06 Apr 2016
8:00pm UTC

BLUEcloud Analytics Migration

North America BLUEcloud Analytics customers: Your BLUEcloud Analytics installation will be migrated from its current location within Amazon Web Services cloud servers to a SirsiDynix SaaS environment.

SaaS-Atlanta Maintenance 09 Apr 2016
3:00pm UTC

Brief network disruption

At approximately 3:40pm CDT SaaS Engineers noticed a very brief network disruption.  This likely went unnoticed for any web based traffic.  All services are currently functioning normally.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 15 Apr 2016
8:40pm UTC

SaaS - Single Symphony Server Recovery Notice


WHEN:  21-MAY-2016


WHAT:  Symphony Service Restoration

ACTION:  No action required

Comments:  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

SirsiDynix SaaS Team

SaaS-Atlanta Update 21 May 2016
7:48am UTC

SaaS - Outage Notification Restoration

Service has been restored for the following event. 

WHEN:  2016-15-07 5:08 pm


WHAT:  Symphony server outage.

WHY:  Our monitoring has alerted us to a down system event.  We are in the initial stages of investigation and will send you an update with further details as soon as possible.

IMPACT: Access to Symphony Workflows and Symphony e-Library will be unavailable to staff and patrons.

ACTION:  Alert staff as necessary.

SaaS-Melbourne Info 15 Jul 2016
9:24pm UTC

UK Datacenter Maintenance

At 11pm BST on Wednesday 27th July, our hosting partner (iomart) will be performing upgrades to their network infrastructure. This maintenance period is expected to last 4 hours, during which time there will be some brief interruptions to connectivity to your hosted services. Due to the nature of this work, there is a small possibility of issues with your VPN tunnel on the morning of Thursday 28th July. If you experience any issues, please contact our Customer Support team.

SaaS-EU Maintenance 27 Jul 2016
5:00pm UTC

UPDATE: Atlanta Connectivity

Colocation Partner Statement:

  • At this time, internet connectivity remains stable at the {redacted}, and Atlanta Datacenters. Networking Engineers will continue to closely monitor the issue. This will serve as the final update. 

  • Connectivity Services continue to remain stable and are operating as designed. Engineers will continue to monitor network performance throughout the evening. The root cause for this event is still under investigation. The next update will be provided on 08/24/2016 at 2300 ET
  • {Redacted} Engineers have successfully failed over services to our secondary upstream provider. The root cause for this event is still being investigated.  The next update will be provided on 08/24/2016 at 1630 ET
  • {Redacted} wanted to inform you of a Major Incident that was declared to investigate an internet connectivity issue. Engineers are currently investigating the issue. The next update will be provided on 08/24/2016 at 1500 ET.

Update:  As of a few minutes ago we are getting more and more reports of customers able to connect.

Advisory: Until we receive word that everything is resolved the connections may remain unstable. 

What:  Some (not all) customers reporting that they are not able to access their hosted services

Why:   The exact cause is unknown at this point.  We are waiting on further details from our colocation partner and will share them just as soon as they come in.



Please continue to keep an eye on for further details.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 24 Aug 2016
9:13pm UTC

Enterprise service disruption in Australia

What:  Enterprise service disruption in APAC region

Why:  Current diagnotics by Oracle suggests a controller failure on one production SAN

Status:  Oracle field enginner dispatched to site and has requested part replacement to be shipped from Sydney.  SirsiDynix is waiting on Oracle for estimated delivery time.

Estimated Recovery Time:  Unknown

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 25 Aug 2016
6:28am UTC

All services online

APAC Region Update:  All services impacted by the storage controller failure are now online.  If you are continuing to experience problems with your environment please contact Customer Support and we will immediately assist.  

What:  Enterprise service disruption in APAC region

Why:  Current diagnotics by Oracle suggests a controller failure on one production SAN


SaaS-Melbourne Info 25 Aug 2016
6:28am UTC

All Services Online

  APAC Region Update:  All services impacted by the storage controller failure are now online.  If you are continuing to experience problems with your environment please contact Customer Support and we will immediately assist.  

What:  Enterprise service disruption in APAC region

Why:  Current diagnotics by Oracle suggests a controller failure on one production SAN


SaaS-Melbourne Info 26 Aug 2016
5:00am UTC

BLUEcloud Analytics Service Restoration

Who:  BLUEcloud Analytics Customers in North America

Status:  Primary service restored

Required action:  Additional details were sent to those customers affected by this event.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 02 Sep 2016
9:30pm UTC

Service Issues Restored at 12:30 CDT

UPDATE:  At this time all services have been restored.

  • At this time all Symphony services have been restored.  We are still in the process of bringing up the Enterprise services.
  • The ESXi host has been restarted.  We are in the process of bringing up VM's individually and will communicate to these customers Separately.  
  • We are in the process of restarting the cpu bound ESXi server after which we hope to begin restoring service.  We are currently investigating a CPU bound host causing an outage that may be affecting some customers.  We will be contacting those customers on an individual basis advising them of any related last minute maintenance procedures which may be required.    


SaaS-Atlanta Info 14 Sep 2016
5:30pm UTC

Investigating Enterprise Disruption - RESOLVED

UPDATE:  Service has been restored for all hosted Enterprise cusotmers in Canada.  

PREVIOUS STATUS:  We are investigating reports of an Enterprise service disruption for hosted customers in Canada.  We should have this resolved by 1:40pm CDT


SaaS-Montreal Info 22 Sep 2016
6:36pm UTC

Reports of latency

Current Status:     The periodic latency issues for a small subset of customers has subsided.  We will continue to monitor throughout the weekend.  

Original Posting:   We have been tracking an issue in Atlanta that is causing IO latency for some Symphony and Enterprise customers.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 24 Sep 2016
2:23am UTC

General Maintenance Notice

SaaS Engineers will be performing maintenance to improve performance on a SAN in our core Vmware infrastructure.  In the course of this maintenance, it is possible that customers may experience downtime on Enterprise and Symphony systems.

To minimize any possible complications during this migration, SaaS engineers will be performing system validations throughout the maintenance window. This notification is informational only, and no action is required on your part.

While we do not anticipate any complications, with any maintenance event there exists a certain amount of risk. SaaS is committed to providing the highest possible level of service; therefore, we strive to increase client satisfaction and productivity through our proactive approach to customer notification.

If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact us.

SaaS-Atlanta Maintenance 30 Sep 2016
5:01am UTC


For anyone who may not be aware, there is a massive DNS outage impacting the entire East Coast of the US (and some other areas). This outage was caused by a DDOS attack on DYN (one of the largest DNS providers). You may monitor the progress of this outage directly on the DYN website at

Current internet outage map: or

SaaS-Atlanta Info 21 Oct 2016
7:01pm UTC

Enterprise / Portfolio Service Restoration

Date/Time:  Sat, 22 Oct 2016 - 6:32pm CDT
WHAT:  All Enterprise / Portfolio services have been restored to normal operating conditions.  Affected customers have been notified.  

SaaS-Montreal Info 22 Oct 2016
11:32pm UTC

Brief network connectivity issues cleared

02NOV2016 09:57CDT:  We are looking into monitoring alerts indicating possible network issues in our Atlanta facility.  During this period connectivity might be up and down.

02NOV2016 10:04CDT:  It appears that the initial event has cleared.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 02 Nov 2016
3:04pm UTC

Atlanta Service Disruption

RESOLUTION: DNS services have been stabilized.  All service monitoring checks have cleared.  If you continue to have difficulty accessing your hosted environment(s) please contact Customer Support. 

Update 2: DNS resolution efforts continue for our Atlanta, GA location.  This disruption primarily affects Symphony, Enterprise / Portfolio and EOS.Web customers.  Horizon and JetStream customers remain unnefected.  

Update 1: We are currently experiencing DNS problems in North America and are working hard to resolve them.  Additional updates will follow.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 20 Dec 2016
10:30pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating Possible APAC Service Disruption

Update 2: The impact was limited in scope and the services were primarily non-core in nature (I.e. no ILS environments).  All affected services were onlined in under 30 minutes. 

Update 1: We are currently investigating a potential service disruption in the Melbourne location. Additional updates will follow

SaaS-Melbourne Info 22 Dec 2016
7:29pm UTC