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BLUEcloud Analytics Outage

An unscheduled outage for BLUEcloud Analytics is being worked on. Restoration of service is anticipated no earlier than noon AEST (Melbourne).

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 06 Apr 2016
8:00pm UTC

Enterprise outage

UPDATE: At this time we believe all Enterprise/Portfolio sites to be available again.


We are currently working on an issue which is affecting some Enterprise/Portfolio customers.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 11 May 2018
6:31pm UTC

Listserv Delivery Issue

We are aware of an issue with the SirsiDynix Listserv lists not delivering messages and returning a message similar to this:

Your message couldn't be delivered to because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information.

We are working on the issue now and will update this message as more information is available.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

SDSC Alert 28 Jul 2017
6:16pm UTC

Enterprise service disruption in Australia

What:  Enterprise service disruption in APAC region

Why:  Current diagnotics by Oracle suggests a controller failure on one production SAN

Status:  Oracle field enginner dispatched to site and has requested part replacement to be shipped from Sydney.  SirsiDynix is waiting on Oracle for estimated delivery time.

Estimated Recovery Time:  Unknown

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 25 Aug 2016
6:28am UTC

ONGOING- Investigating EOS.Web FedRAMP Network Issue

Update #5 - We believe the lingering issues have been resolved by the GovCloud provider.  We will keep this alert active until 5pm CDT.  If there are no further issues reported we will mark it as resolved.  

Update #4 - There are still some customers that remain down at this time. QTS is continuing to investigate. The following notice was just received.

On June 20th, QTS declared a Major Incident regarding a connectivity issue involving GovCloud East customers. QTS Engineers continue to re-mediate the issue and have engaged the vendor for joint troubleshooting efforts. We will continue to provide updates as they are available.

Update #3 - The following notice was received from the GovCloud provider.  This event is now considered resolved.  Additional details will be provided to EOS.Web Support as we receive them.  Event notice reopened.

QTS is aware of a connectivity issue involving GovCloud East customers and declared a Major Incident. QTS Engineers have now identified and resolved the denial or (sic) service routing. The servers are now back up and we are performing tests to ensure functionality.  The next update will be provided on 06/20/2018 at 2000 ET.

Update #2 - Based on our internal monitoring all services are available.  However, we have yet to hear from the GovCloud provider so service availability may be up and down.  Additional updates to be posted here.

Update #1 - The following notice was sent by the GovCloud provider.  Additional updates to be posted here

QTS is aware of a connectivity issue involving GovCloud East customers and has declared a Major Incident. QTS Engineers are actively investigating the issue and working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates as they are available. The next update will be provided on 06/20/2018 at 1730 ET.

Initial Notice - We are aware of a potential connectivity problem for our EOS.Web FedRAMP customers.  At this time we are waiting to hear back from our GovCloud partner.  We will post updates here.  

FedRAMP Alert 20 Jun 2018
7:32pm UTC

UK Phone Number Not Working

Our 01923 202902 UK Support number is currently not working. Until this is resolved, please call 0800 016 3147 instead.

Phones Alert 09 Apr 2018
2:22pm UTC

Horizon SaaS

We are aware of issues with the Horizon SaaS environment in Atlanta. Investigations are underway and we hope to have an update as soon as possible.

Update - Issues should now have been resolved and connectivity restored.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 08 May 2017
11:40am UTC

Atlanta Service Disruption

RESOLUTION: DNS services have been stabilized.  All service monitoring checks have cleared.  If you continue to have difficulty accessing your hosted environment(s) please contact Customer Support. 

Update 2: DNS resolution efforts continue for our Atlanta, GA location.  This disruption primarily affects Symphony, Enterprise / Portfolio and EOS.Web customers.  Horizon and JetStream customers remain unnefected.  

Update 1: We are currently experiencing DNS problems in North America and are working hard to resolve them.  Additional updates will follow.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 20 Dec 2016
10:30pm UTC

Widespread outage in Atlanta

(0609 MT) We are currently investigating several critical alerts for many services in the Atlanta facility. This may be impacting access to EOS.Web, Symphony, Horizon, Enterprise and other ancillary products. Updates will be posted here.

Update 1 (0635 MT) We have multiple engineers investigating. From our initial assessment it appears to be SAN / fabric / storage related. We will continue to post updates here.

Update 2 (0722 MT) We are continuing to focus on storage components, specifically the SAN switches. Internal escalation, to include members of management, has taken place.

Update 3 (0752 MT) At this time we are working with our colocation partner to review lights on various devices within our space. We are seeing 2 switch ports offline which is impacting the hosts ability to access their respective storage devices.

Update 4 (0912 MT) We are currently rebooting one of the suspect SAN switches. We believe this will reset the SAN links allowing host to storage communication.

Update 5 (1015 MT) At this time we are testing areas of the infrastructure prior to bringing hosts and services online.

Update 6 (1129 MT) Testing is near completion and preparations for service restoration are underway.

Update 7 (1220 MT) Individual service restorations are underway. Anticipate all services restored by 2PM (MT).

Update 8 (1321 MT) Roughly 50% of sytems are restored to service, including all EOS.web sites.

Update 9 (1425 MT) Restorations continue - at about 80% completed

Update 10 (1530 MT) A handful of restorations remain.

Update 11 (1635 MT) Addressing individual outage-related issues as reported by customers. We continue to have staff working this issue until all services are restored and alerts are cleared.

Update 12 (1755 MT) Final hourly update - Most monitoring is now green. SaaS teams are working through remaining details and some test instances. Anticipate "all clear" by 1900 (MT). Please contact SirsiDynix Customer Support with any issues - use the Critical Care number for down systems. Staff are online through the holidays.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 23 Dec 2017
1:09pm UTC

Symphony ILS server outtage

We are currently investigating the matter.

A network disruption caused a service disruption.

The network disruption has been resolved and Symphony is available again.

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 28 Jun 2017
5:03am UTC

EOS.Web Login, Reporting, and Email Issues

Update - the issue preventing some customers from being able to log into EOS.Web, and other customers from using email or reporting capabilities has been fully resolved.  All customers should now have normal functionality.

We are experiencing issues at the data center preventing some customers from being able to log into their EOS.Web systems.  Others are able to login and use EOS.Web but are not able to use the email capabilities, or run certain reports.  Our SaaS team is working to resolve all issues as quickly as possible, the resolution is expected later today.  We will keep you updated here.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 03 Jan 2018
4:04pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon and EOS.Web networks


We have resolved the latency issues that affected both both Horizon and EOS.Web on Monday, February 27th. We will be taking additional steps to ensure VM level consolidation does not impact the performance of our hosted systems during business hours.  


SaaS-Atlanta Alert 28 Feb 2017
2:30am UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues for a subset of hosted Symphony customers


The latency condition that existed for a subset of our hosted Symphony customers has been resolved.  

Original Message:

We are currently investigating latency alarms for a smaller set of our hosted Symphony customers in our Atlanta facility.  

Updates will be posted to this page. 

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 27 Feb 2017
7:57pm UTC

RESOLVED - Horizon Latency Issues Update


We are still working on the new Horizon latency issue. We don't know yet how much longer it will take to resolve.

The issue is with our SAN storage. We're trying to distribute the load to other SAN now.

We will update this alert as we learn more.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 28 Feb 2017
3:39pm UTC

RESOLVED Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon and EOS networks


The latency issues reported below have been identified and resolved. 

We are already in the process of addressing todays Horizon and EOS latency issues.  We have identified the cause as being additional disk consolidation taking place.  Further updates to be posted here.  

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 02 Mar 2017
4:03pm UTC

RESOLVED Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon network

The issue below has been resolved.  We will continue to work with the firewall vendor to troubleshoot the recurring problem.  

We are aware of a problem with the Horizon network and hope to have the situation resolved shortly.  

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 09 Mar 2017
1:51pm UTC

RESOLVED | Investigating reports of Horizon Citrix Problems

We believe the problem with users receiving "unable to launch as the application is not currently available" is now resolved.  There was a back-end Citrix connection issue which interrupted Citrix's ability to connect internally. A reboot of these servers resolved the issue.

If you are continuing to experience problems please try logging out and back in to the Citrix receiver.  If you are still experiencing problems please let Customer  Support know.

We are currently investigating several reports of Horizon connectivity problems in Atlanta.  Updates will be posted here.


SaaS-Atlanta Alert 05 Feb 2018
1:13pm UTC

RESOLUTION REPORTED - Vendor Service Disruption Notification - ProQuest (Syndetics)


ProQuest is reporting their services as online through the following sites

ProQuest has sent the following notification to customers informing them of a disruption which impacts book jacket cover images as well as other ProQuest services.

It seems they are posting updates on the following sites


Dear Valued Customer,

Further to updates we have provided via our social media channels and the affected platforms in relation to the current outage, we have identified the fault and our engineers are now working to rectify the fault. An update will be provided as soon as full services are restored.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. Please be assured we have all available resources and support personnel working on restoring service and access as quickly as possible.

  • Research databases
    • ProQuest Platform (
    • ProQuest Congressional (
    • ProQuest Dialog
    • ProQuest Archiver
    • ProQuest Trials
    • Chadwyck-Healey US databases
    • CultureGrams
    • eLibrary (all editions)
    • ProQuest Digital Microfilm
    • ProQuest Obituaries
    • ProQuest Research Companion
    • SIRS (all editions)
    • Ancestry
    • Sanborn maps
  • Dissertation publishing
    • ProQuest/UMI ETD Administrator
  • Reference management/Research support tools
    • RefWorks
    • Pivot and COS
    • Papers Invited
  • Bibliographic and catalog enrichment resources
    • Books in Print®
    • LibraryThing for Libraries™
    • Resources for College Libraries
    • ProQuest Syndetic Solutions
    • Self-Published Author
  • Ex-Libris-Workflow Solutions
    • Intota Assessment
  • Back-end Manufacturing (internal)
    • ProQuest Legacy
SaaS-Melbourne Info 18 Jul 2017
12:13pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues with a few Web Services hosts in Atlanta


The cause of the following event was due to traffic flow through an edge device.  The device was rebooted to clear the congestion.


We are currently investigating latency issues on a few web services hosts ( in Atlanta.  Updates will be posted here.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 30 Mar 2017
9:27am UTC

RESOLVED - Investigating EOS.Web FedRAMP Network Issue

The following event has been resolved. We are waiting to hear from our partner on the cause of the disruption. Once we are provided the details they will be wrapped up and provided to Customer Support as a deliverable document. 

We are currently working with our FedRAMP facility provider on what appears to be a network related problem.  Updates to be posted here.

FedRAMP Info 01 May 2018
7:54pm UTC