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RESOLUTION REPORTED - Vendor Service Disruption Notification - ProQuest (Syndetics)


ProQuest is reporting their services as online through the following sites

ProQuest has sent the following notification to customers informing them of a disruption which impacts book jacket cover images as well as other ProQuest services.

It seems they are posting updates on the following sites


Dear Valued Customer,

Further to updates we have provided via our social media channels and the affected platforms in relation to the current outage, we have identified the fault and our engineers are now working to rectify the fault. An update will be provided as soon as full services are restored.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. Please be assured we have all available resources and support personnel working on restoring service and access as quickly as possible.

  • Research databases
    • ProQuest Platform (
    • ProQuest Congressional (
    • ProQuest Dialog
    • ProQuest Archiver
    • ProQuest Trials
    • Chadwyck-Healey US databases
    • CultureGrams
    • eLibrary (all editions)
    • ProQuest Digital Microfilm
    • ProQuest Obituaries
    • ProQuest Research Companion
    • SIRS (all editions)
    • Ancestry
    • Sanborn maps
  • Dissertation publishing
    • ProQuest/UMI ETD Administrator
  • Reference management/Research support tools
    • RefWorks
    • Pivot and COS
    • Papers Invited
  • Bibliographic and catalog enrichment resources
    • Books in Print®
    • LibraryThing for Libraries™
    • Resources for College Libraries
    • ProQuest Syndetic Solutions
    • Self-Published Author
  • Ex-Libris-Workflow Solutions
    • Intota Assessment
  • Back-end Manufacturing (internal)
    • ProQuest Legacy
SaaS-Atlanta Info 18 Jul 2017
11:59am UTC

RESOLVED - Connectivity issues for NA1 BLUEcloud

We have repaired the database replication issue and services are being restored at this time.  Please contact SirsiDynix Support if there are any questions or problems connecting to BLUEcloud.

We have discovered an issue with database replication and are continuing to troubleshoot connectivity issues with the NA1 BLUEcloud deployment.  We will provide updates as soon as they become available

We are currently investigating reports of connectivity problems for customers on NA1 BLUEcloud.  Updates to be posted here.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 12 Jul 2017
3:25pm UTC

RESOLVED - Investigating Citrix connection issues for some customers in Atlanta

RESOLVED - Investigating Citrix connection issues for some customers in Atlanta.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 10 Jul 2017
2:58pm UTC

RESOLVED - Investigating service disruption on a single Symphony host in Atlanta

The following event is now resolved.  All services are avaialble.  The host panicked and rebooted after which we reviewed the system for critical errors and after finding nothing of concern, we restarted all services.  

We are currently starting all customer instances on this host

We are currently investigating a service disruption for a single Symphony host in the Atlanta location.  This is affecting a handful of customers.  Updates to be posted here.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 09 Jul 2017
5:03pm UTC

RESOLVED: Enterprise Service Disruption - Plasma cluster

The following event is now resolved.  


One of the disks on the Plasma Enterprise cluster became overly busy creating a timeout that caused problems with the NFS filesystem mountpoints.  This resulted in process termination requiring a full restart of all Enterprise/Portfolio instances on this cluster. 

We are currently investigating an issue with all Enteprise / Portfolio installations located on the Plasma Enterprise cluster.  Sites are being restarted to bring them all back up.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 29 Jun 2017
11:43pm UTC

Symphony ILS server outtage

We are currently investigating the matter.

A network disruption caused a service disruption.

The network disruption has been resolved and Symphony is available again.

SaaS-Melbourne Alert 28 Jun 2017
5:03am UTC

BLUEcloud Analytics - APAC

We are currently investigating an issue with one of the BLUEcloud Analytics Intelligence servers for the APAC region.  This is affecting some customer's ability to log in to their projects and run reports.  Further updates will be posted as they become available.

UPDATE 11:00 PM:
Additional issues were found that is impacting all logins to BLUECloud Analytics. We are in the process of resolving the issue.



Connectivity issues to the Microstrategy Intelligence servers has been restored.  The root cause was a corrupted server definition for the server cluster causing sessions to crash on start.

SaaS-Melbourne Info 22 Jun 2017
2:10am UTC

RESOLVED - EOS.Web - currently investigating issues on a single FedRAMP web server

RESOLVED - the following issue is now resolved.


We are currently investigating a problem on a server hosted in our EOS.Web FedRAMP facility.  This affects the Staff side only.  

Updates to be posted here

update 1 - rebooting web01.

update 2 - web01 rebooted.  all monitoring checks green.  performing internal review of service restoration

FedRAMP Info 16 Jun 2017
5:52pm UTC

RESOLVED - NA1 - BLUEcloud Central Connectivity Issues Being Investigated


The problem with NA1 BLUEcloud Central noted below has been resolved.  

** ALERT **

We are currently investigating a service disruption for NA1 BLUEcloud Central.  We are working to resolve the database related problem as quickly as possible.  

Updates to be posted here. 

SaaS-Atlanta Info 15 Jun 2017
5:41pm UTC

RESOLVED - EOS.Web - currently investigating an issue preventing some customers from logging into their Staff-Side modules

RESOLVED - the following event has been resolved.  

EOS.Web Customers

We are experiencing a technical issue that is preventing some of our SaaS Hosted customers from logging into their Staff-Side modules (the OPAC is up). Sites are in the process of coming back up.  Help Desk will notify you when your site is up.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 12 Jun 2017
3:08pm UTC

BookMyne Services Restored

The global services that manage BookMyne listings and searching was down for a period of time causing an interruption with the BookMyne application. This issue has been resolved.

If you observe any continuing anomalies with BookMyne, please report them at

SaaS-Atlanta Info 29 May 2017
4:52am UTC

RESOLVED Investigating JetStream issue

We are currently investigating connection issues with NA2 and NA3 BLUEcloud instances.  Updates to be posted here.


At this time the connectivity issues for the NA2 and NA3 BLUEcloud instances have been resolved.

SaaS-Atlanta Update 26 May 2017
9:46pm UTC

RESOLVED Investigating latency issues on one EOS.Web cluster

EOS.Web - UK

The following issue has been resolved.  The problem was caused by errant Z39.50 processes which created unusually high loads on one of the cluster members.

We are investigating reports of latency for customers on a single server cluster in the UK.  Not all customers are affect.  Updates will be posted here. 

SaaS-EU Info 11 May 2017
12:49pm UTC

BLUEcloud Analytics - investigating duplicate projects

BLUEcloud Analytics

We are currently investigating an issue with duplicate customer projects appearing for customers in the North America BLUEcloud Analytics deployment.  We will post updates as soon as they become available.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 09 May 2017
7:20pm UTC

Horizon SaaS

We are aware of issues with the Horizon SaaS environment in Atlanta. Investigations are underway and we hope to have an update as soon as possible.

Update - Issues should now have been resolved and connectivity restored.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 08 May 2017
11:40am UTC

COMPLETE Scheduled Horizon Maintenance

The following scheduled maintenance was successfully completed by 00:30 Central / 01:30 Eastern.


WHAT:  Our monitoring has alerted us to anomalies within the Horizon VMware cluster.  In order for us to properly address the situation we will be declaring a maintenance window for this Sunday, May 7th beginning 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern.  Our work will take approximately 8 hours to complete.

Our goal is to have all services available by Monday, May 8th at 4am Central / 5am Eastern.  We realize some of the affected customers are in the Asia-Pacific region and this window falls late in your morning on Monday.  We will work to restore your services as quickly as possible.

IMPACT:  All staff and patron access will be unavailable until the maintenance is complete.

SaaS-Atlanta Maintenance 08 May 2017
1:00am UTC

RESOLVED - Investigating latency issues on one Enterprise cluster

RESOLVED - After adjusting a web server settting and monitoring for two hours it appears services for the single Enterprise cluster have stabalized.  At this time we are marking this issue as resolved but keeping a close eye on services.

UPDATE - We feel the recent issue has been cleared and are continuing to search for the underlying cause of the high connection rate.  For this reason we are not tagging this issue as resolved.  Updates will continue to be posted here. 

REOPENED - We are investigating an unusual number of high web server processes which are causing Enterprise services to enter a flapping state.  Updates will be posted here. 

RESOLVED - We will continue to monitor the response time carefully

We are currently investigating sporadic responses for some customer Enterprise instances on a single cluster in Atlanta.  Updates to be posted here.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 05 May 2017
2:29pm UTC

RESOLVED Single Symphony Server Service Disruption

All single host Symphony services have been restored

We are in the process or restoring services which should be online within 10 minutes. 

We are in the process of resolving a single host issue affecting a few Symphony customers.  Those cusotmers have been notified individually.  Updates to follow.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 01 May 2017
11:44am UTC

RESOLVED | Investigating latency issues on one Enterprise cluster

RESOLVED: We have identified/eliminated the source of the problem (bot/crawler). Services for those Enterprise customers who were affected should now be stable.  

We are continuing to investigate an intermittent issue where some customer Enterprise environments are failing to respond due to Apache web server errors.  Updates will be posted here. 

SaaS-Atlanta Info 24 Apr 2017
6:57pm UTC

DNS issues for EOS.Web customers

At this time we believe all issues with EOS.Web customers are resolved.

SaaS-Atlanta Update 21 Apr 2017
3:35pm UTC