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Investigating BLUEcloud Analytics Platform Login Problems


Yesterday's issues were caused due to some incorrect server definition parameters that were not allowing users to log into the properly assigned Microstrategy environment.


The login issue has been resolved.  Further details on the cause will be available 6-April-2017.  

Update (11:15) -  We have determined a root cause for the problem and are working closely with Microstrategy for a resolution.

Some BLUEcloud Analytics customers in North America may be receiving errors in trying to log in and run reports.  Updates will be posted here.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 05 Apr 2017
1:49pm UTC

BLUEcloud Analytics


Duplicated user metadata within Microstrategy was preventing some BLUEcloud Analytics customers in North America from logging in and or running reports.  The duplicated data has been removed and services have been restored.


Some BLUEcloud Analytics customers in North America may be receiving errors in trying to log in and run reports.  Updates will be posted here.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 04 Apr 2017
1:15pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues with a few Web Services hosts in Atlanta


The cause of the following event was due to traffic flow through an edge device.  The device was rebooted to clear the congestion.


We are currently investigating latency issues on a few web services hosts ( in Atlanta.  Updates will be posted here.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 30 Mar 2017
9:27am UTC

Brief DNS Issues in Atlanta

We experienced a very brief DNS glitch which has now resolved itself. 

SaaS-Atlanta Info 27 Mar 2017
12:41pm UTC

RESOLVED Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon network

The issue below has been resolved.  We will continue to work with the firewall vendor to troubleshoot the recurring problem.  

We are aware of a problem with the Horizon network and hope to have the situation resolved shortly.  

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 09 Mar 2017
1:51pm UTC

RESOLVED Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon and EOS networks


The latency issues reported below have been identified and resolved. 

We are already in the process of addressing todays Horizon and EOS latency issues.  We have identified the cause as being additional disk consolidation taking place.  Further updates to be posted here.  

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 02 Mar 2017
4:03pm UTC

RESOLVED - Horizon Latency Issues Update


We are still working on the new Horizon latency issue. We don't know yet how much longer it will take to resolve.

The issue is with our SAN storage. We're trying to distribute the load to other SAN now.

We will update this alert as we learn more.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 28 Feb 2017
3:39pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon and EOS.Web networks


We have resolved the latency issues that affected both both Horizon and EOS.Web on Monday, February 27th. We will be taking additional steps to ensure VM level consolidation does not impact the performance of our hosted systems during business hours.  


SaaS-Atlanta Alert 28 Feb 2017
2:30am UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues for a subset of hosted Symphony customers


The latency condition that existed for a subset of our hosted Symphony customers has been resolved.  

Original Message:

We are currently investigating latency alarms for a smaller set of our hosted Symphony customers in our Atlanta facility.  

Updates will be posted to this page. 

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 27 Feb 2017
7:57pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon network


We are investigating reports of latency for our hosted Horizon customers. Updates will be posted to this site.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 23 Feb 2017
2:39pm UTC

Recovery Notice for North American BLUEcloud Analytics

North American BLUEcloud Analytics is operational.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 09 Feb 2017
9:24pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating latency issues on the hosted Horizon network

RESOLVED: After an exhaustive examination, we concluded that a network device configuration as the likely cause of the latency which has been reported beginning Friday, February 3rd.  The device was rebooted and the network speed is much improved.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 06 Feb 2017
2:49pm UTC

INFO: Possible Upstream Provider Network Issue

The following was sent to us by our Atlanta colocation partner.  At this time this is informational only.  We have no reason to believe this has affected any of our customers.


Initial Notice:
"QTS is aware of an issue affecting connectivity service at the Atlanta, GA Data Center facility and has declared a Major Incident. QTS is actively investigating this event with our internet upstream provider. Please be advised that internet traffic has been rerouted to our redundant provider. The next update will be provided on 01/27/2017 at 1430 ET."


"Troubleshooting on the internet upstream provider issue is on-going and there is no estimated time of resolution. Internet traffic that was rerouted to our redundant provider remains stable. Future updates surrounding this event will be provided as they become available from the affected upstream provider."

SaaS-Atlanta Info 27 Jan 2017
6:31pm UTC

RESOLVED: Latency Alert: Single Enterprise Cluster


We are aware of and currently working on resolving a latency problem affecting one Enterprise / Portfolio cluster in the Atlanta location.  We hope to have this resolved very soon.  

SaaS-Atlanta Info 20 Jan 2017
5:53pm UTC

RESOLVED: Investigating Possible APAC Service Disruption

Update 2: The impact was limited in scope and the services were primarily non-core in nature (I.e. no ILS environments).  All affected services were onlined in under 30 minutes. 

Update 1: We are currently investigating a potential service disruption in the Melbourne location. Additional updates will follow

SaaS-Melbourne Info 22 Dec 2016
7:29pm UTC

Atlanta Service Disruption

RESOLUTION: DNS services have been stabilized.  All service monitoring checks have cleared.  If you continue to have difficulty accessing your hosted environment(s) please contact Customer Support. 

Update 2: DNS resolution efforts continue for our Atlanta, GA location.  This disruption primarily affects Symphony, Enterprise / Portfolio and EOS.Web customers.  Horizon and JetStream customers remain unnefected.  

Update 1: We are currently experiencing DNS problems in North America and are working hard to resolve them.  Additional updates will follow.

SaaS-Atlanta Alert 20 Dec 2016
10:30pm UTC

Brief network connectivity issues cleared

02NOV2016 09:57CDT:  We are looking into monitoring alerts indicating possible network issues in our Atlanta facility.  During this period connectivity might be up and down.

02NOV2016 10:04CDT:  It appears that the initial event has cleared.

SaaS-Atlanta Info 02 Nov 2016
3:04pm UTC

Enterprise / Portfolio Service Restoration

Date/Time:  Sat, 22 Oct 2016 - 6:32pm CDT
WHAT:  All Enterprise / Portfolio services have been restored to normal operating conditions.  Affected customers have been notified.  

SaaS-Montreal Info 22 Oct 2016
11:32pm UTC


For anyone who may not be aware, there is a massive DNS outage impacting the entire East Coast of the US (and some other areas). This outage was caused by a DDOS attack on DYN (one of the largest DNS providers). You may monitor the progress of this outage directly on the DYN website at

Current internet outage map: or

SaaS-Atlanta Info 21 Oct 2016
7:01pm UTC

General Maintenance Notice

SaaS Engineers will be performing maintenance to improve performance on a SAN in our core Vmware infrastructure.  In the course of this maintenance, it is possible that customers may experience downtime on Enterprise and Symphony systems.

To minimize any possible complications during this migration, SaaS engineers will be performing system validations throughout the maintenance window. This notification is informational only, and no action is required on your part.

While we do not anticipate any complications, with any maintenance event there exists a certain amount of risk. SaaS is committed to providing the highest possible level of service; therefore, we strive to increase client satisfaction and productivity through our proactive approach to customer notification.

If you have any questions or need additional information please feel free to contact us.

SaaS-Atlanta Maintenance 30 Sep 2016
5:01am UTC