RESOLVED - Odd Enterprise latency - hit and miss

We received the following update from our colocation provider on November 7, 2017 at 17:23 CDT.  This will service as a final update

On Monday, November 6th, QTS Networking Team engaged our Upstream Provider regarding an internet connectivity issue. QTS has been advised that this issue is resolved. At this time, we are awaiting a Reason of Outage (RFO) from our Upstream Provider.

QTS upstream provider has a configuration issue that impacted IP services. They have reverted a policy change to restore services to a stable state. QTS will monitor for stability and route traffic back to normal during maintenance hours.

We received the following from our colocation partner just a few moments ago.

  • QTS is aware of a connectivity issue affecting internet traffic. At this time, QTS routed traffic away from the affected internet provider so that QTS customers would not be impacted. QTS is closely monitoring this situation and will provide more information as they become available.

Our colocation partner alerted us to a known problem with connections into Atlanta.  They are looking into the situation and contacting upstream providers.  Once we receive word from them we will update this page. 

Our colocation partner has confirmed they are receiving many calls about a potential upstream provider problem.  They are currently looking into the situation

We are opening a ticket with our colocation partner to see if there are any issues upstream causing all the problems with Enterprise across several clusters as well as some Symphony customers.

We are currently investigating oddities in Atlanta where some Enterprise and Symphony connections up and down. There are no obvious infrastructure issues that we have been able to identify.  We have many people working on this and hope to have more details soon.  

Tue, 07 Nov 2017 - 3:14am UTC